Saturday, January 29, 2005

Wingnuts and IraqWar Part II 

Everyone should go take a look at this chart. I've put it up on my door at work.

While I was googling to find the chart again, I stumbled across this idiotic post on a winger blog from October of 2003 about how we are "winning" in Iraq. Go read it if you want to get a good laugh.

And, speaking of moronic wingnuts, Insty is apparently up to his old tricks again, taking his cues from the Chimperor himself, he's put together another hilarious comic-book-like screed/indictment of "the left" -- yet again. Why the hell do people still read him? Is he really a law professor -- with "analytical skills" like that?

And, after cheerleading for this damned fool's errand in Iraq, just what sort of a idiot does he look like now? I always knew this war would turn out like this. That's why I was against it from the start.

Anyway, Max has got a great slapdown of Insty in this post.

As Max puts it:
Speaking of American casualties in Iraq, unlike Markos and other critics of the war, Reynolds has hyped every piece of duplicitous, discredited bullshit floating from the Pentagon down the Potomac. Few on the Internet can claim more credit for greasing the skids for this debacle of a war, nor for the attendant deaths of over 1,400 American soldiers.

"If you had your way, Saddam would still be in power." Yes, if I had my way, Saddam would probably still be in power. And ten thousand American families would not be suffering. That's an easy call.

UPDATE: Oliver Willis also takes Glenn down.

One other thing: Can you find the historical error in Glenn's post?

UPDATE 2: Kos also takes Insty down a few pegs. (He's also apparently been reading this blog or read my old one, he uses my trademarked phrase "fool's errand" to describe IraqWar Part II.)

Kos closes his post with this:
The faith-based lunatics taking up residence in the White House and the Pentagon have ample ideological company in Tennessee law schools and other hidey holes of the wingnut blogosphere.

But at the end of the day, whether they'll ever admit it or not -- we were right, they were wrong. Reality isn't being too kind to their side.

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