Thursday, January 20, 2005

Time Goes By 

More stories from AP of creative resistance:

At a mock inauguration in Baltimore, a woman wearing a Bush mask gave a pretend speech, stumbling over her words, and a guitarist played Bob Dylan's "Gates of Eden," which opens, "Of war and peace the truth just twists." Passing cars, buses and taxis honked horns in support, and a pedestrian raised a fist.

In Louisville, Ky., protesters solemnly read the names of dead Iraqis and Americans and staged a skit that spoofed Bush and his chief political adviser, Karl Rove.

"It's very frightening to me that we have four more years," said Ken Nevitt of the Louisville Peace Action Community. "For us, it's going to be four more years of protesting."

About 1,500 protesters joined the "Jazz Funeral for Democracy" in New Orleans. A mock coffin bearing copies of the Patriot Act and the Constitution was borne through the French Quarter's narrow streets on a horse-drawn hearse to the wail of trumpets and trombones.

In Las Vegas, about 30 peace activists talked on the steps of the federal courthouse about issues they said need to be emphasized — love, the environment and the Bill of Rights. About 50 demonstrators beat drums outside the statehouse in Austin, Texas, as part of a "kiss in," when they all "make out, not make war."

At the federal courthouse in Akron, Ohio, about 20 demonstrators stood on a snowy street corner.

"We think war is not the way to come to peace," said Mary Kathryne Ryan, 63. "So many people are suffering in Iraq — their people and our people. We just don't make friends that way. The children there are going to grow up hating us more, and that will create more terrorism."

It's a healthy sign. For us, it’s going to be four more years of trying to nail The Great Pretender to the wall, via protests, letters, local, regional and national Democratic action toward victory in 2006, pushing to expose the lies and encourage prosecution, cutting off spending to corporations and businesses that support these various outrages, preaching nonviolent direct action and peace and justice and equality, and drinking heavily as needed (phooey on the doctors). A Bas le Roi! We are not alone! We'll stop fighting these bastards when they pry the portraits of Emma Goldman and our Make Love, Not War amulets out of our cold, dead, fingers.

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