Wednesday, January 05, 2005


OK, I read the Times. Sue me. Get a load of this:

Members of both parties in the Senate say they expect Mr. Gonzales to win confirmation. But in a sign that the White House is seeking to solidify its support in the face of the new attacks, Mr. Gonzales has asked a Democrat - Ken Salazar, a newly elected senator from Colorado - to help introduce him at his hearing on Thursday.
(Not the LA Times)

Sheesh. Introducing a torturer.... Couldn't some Beltway Dem have taken newly elected Senator Salazar aside and explained to him that giving Bush the benefit of the doubt never, never pays?!?!?! WTF?

The duty of an opposition party is to OPPOSE! Do they want Gonzales on the Supreme Court? Then one very good approach is to give him his "Get out of jail free" card now, since the Republicans will surely argue that if Gonzales is fit to be AG, he's fit to be on the high court.

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