Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Republican lawlessness: How Déelay plans to avoid prosecution 

The triumphalism on D&ecaute;Lay's flip flop in favor of ethics is premature. In fact, it probably means Delay thinks he's off the hook:

Meanwhile, closer to home, Republican lawmakers in Austin are honing proposed bills to remove authority for prosecuting campaign violations from local district attorneys and vest it with the Texas attorney general. That would stop Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle from prosecuting indicted DeLay associates and put the ball in Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott's court. Another proposal would legalize the corporate contributions that are the focus of Earle's investigation.
(via Houston Chronicle)

So, the Republicans will change the law to either politicize the prosecutor's office or retroactively legitimize past lawbreaking, and then proclaim themselves clean.

Really, can anyone imagine that if DéLay thought an indictment was imminent, he'd put himself in jeopardy? Pas si bete.

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