Friday, January 28, 2005

Neo Rainbow 

Over at Common Dreams, Danny Glover and Bill Fletcher, Jr. outline a strategy that seems very similar to the ones that have been emerging here at corrente:

What the Neo-Rainbow Needs A neo-Rainbow electoral strategy needs:

(1) to build an identifiable, accountable organization that operates inside and outside the Democratic Party;

(2) to have people of color in its core leadership, and a base among African-Americans and Latinos (not to the exclusion of others);

(3) to have a united-front approach to growth, encompassing diverse constituencies;

(4) to be pro-equality populist in its politics, embracing the struggles for racial, gender and economic justice as the cornerstones of democracy;

(5) to support a change in US foreign policy toward what can be called a democratic foreign policy;

(6) to root itself among working people and their issues, and develop a ground-up approach, involving ward and precinct organizations and a targeted effort to build political power in key strategic zones.

They go on to discuss each of these strategies in detail. The whole thing’s at Visualizing a Neo-Rainbow

It seems to me that Dr. Dean was and is doing most of these things except #2 and maybe #3. Could that have been the problem? I know that #6 is where it starts.

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