Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Much To Do About Everything 

Alas, RDF and the phones are recovered—“alas” insofar as now I have no excuse not to get off my ass—and I now find myself and the phone and computer clogged with things demanding action. Of course, it’s still snowing so all action may come to a halt again. Anyway, here’s what I got:

1. Sign the ACLU pre-coronation petition:

the ACLU's "Refuse to Surrender" pledge

2. An forwarded email from a local organizer in a nearby county asking, “any ideas on how to get local Democrats more involved?” Hoo, boy. I’m back to house parties instead of boring meetings in church basements… I guess. Door prizes? I guess shit like this from Online Journal just ain’t enough to motivate folks:

January 7, 2005—Why have exit polls historically matched election results? How about this? It's all made up. It's a scam. A con. A fake. A fraud. Since they first started "projecting" election night winners in 1964, the major news networks have never provided any 'hard' evidence that they actually conducted any exit polls, at all. Researchers and activists who point to the disparity of the early exit polls and the 2004 election results, have failed to consider the obvious—that exit polls never existed to begin with. Did networks fake exit polls, while AP 'accessed' 2,995 mainframe computers?

Imagine then, how embarrassed they must have been by ’04, as the author does. Shiny foil chapeau territory? Well, she names sources…there was a time an allegation like this would make waves. But then, Rove-Goebbels, Inc. sets up CBS all too easily, don’t they? Indy media’s our only hope if we ever want to truly know.

3. Plans for Martin Luther King Day. There’s a rally in a nearby town with speeches and singing and the usual meet-up at the Baptist Church, with more speeching, food and music. But I want more. Ideas on how to make MLK Day not only a day of remembrance but also the anti-inauguration? I don't want to just cry for what could have been... and that recent bust in Mississippi proves MLK's dictum that "the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice." So, how to help it bend and little more quickly this coming weekend, in loving memory?

4. Anyone with the means to go to DC for the swearing-at—er, I mean, “in,” might check out Uncle Mike’s Handy Guide: MIKE'S INAUGURATION GUIDE: with links to bunches of resources for them who can go and even them who can’t.

When the snow melts off I will paint the shed blue, Xan. Meanwhile it's back to direct action sans paintbrush. And don’t forget to send a nice letter so’s to find out who the blog-skunks are, as suggested by Lambert, right below…

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