Tuesday, January 04, 2005

iWaq: Hey, I thought sovreignty had been transferred to Iraq by now? 

What was the word I agreed to use for Iraq instead of the extremely technically accurate "clusterfuck"? I forget. Anyhow, I guess I missed the memo on sovreignty:

Hours after a wave of bombing attacks that left at least 20 people dead on Monday, Prime Minister Ayad Allawi telephoned President Bush and discussed the many impediments still facing the country as it heads toward elections in 27 days, according to senior American officials familiar with the contents of the call.

But some officials in Washington and in Iraq interpreted the telephone call as a sign that Dr. Allawi, who is clearly concerned his own party could be headed to defeat if the election is held on schedule, may be preparing the ground to make the case for delay to Mr. Bush.

"Clearly the thinking on this is still in motion in Baghdad," a senior administration official said Monday evening. "And President Bush is holding firm," the official said, telling Dr. Allawi that the Iraqi government has met every deadline so far, including assuming power from the United States in June.
(via burying-the-lede-as-usual-New-York-Times via Kos)

Um, if Iraq is sovreign, shouldn't Allawi be determining the timing of the elections? Or is the entire Iraq [cough] government being run from the West Wing now?

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