Friday, January 07, 2005

ISO Conservative Commentator (No Pros Please!) 

Hey, it looks like Jebbie's got no problems hiring his fluffers, so why can't his Big Brother get His act together?

NEW YORK Just days after Florida Gov. Jeb Bush fired a top official over sexual-harassment allegations, Bush's office confirmed it has hired Lloyd Brown, former editorial-page editor of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, who resigned from the paper in November following public allegations of sexual harassment and plagiarism.

Well, it just shows that Republicans can always forgive and forget—other Republicans!

Brown, 65, quit the paper on Nov. 2 after a former editorial writer there, Billee Bussard, wrote an article in the local Folio Weekly that asserted that Brown watched Internet pornography in the paper's office and also conducted sexual conversations on the telephone while viewing the sexual material.

Any loofah involved? But let's be reasonable: What's a little pr0n, when the guy is open to fresh, new conservative thinking?

Brown generated national attention and staff protests in 2000, after writing an editorial that called the era of slavery in the U.S. "merely a small and shrinking part of the human condition." His paper ran a clarification, apologizing for any impressions that the editorial was "insensitive or demeaning."
(via Editor and Publisher)

"Small and shrinking," eh? That explains a lot. Poor guy...

Hey, I wonder if Brown was a small-time Armstrong Williams? On the VRWC take at the Florida Times-Union? Maybe that explains why Jebbie just had to hire him, now of all times....

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