Sunday, January 09, 2005

The important historical question 

Better yet, my dear readers, let me ask the big question for a historian about the "Salvadoran Option": Are the folks at the Pentagon now admitting that we were BEHIND THE DEATHSQUADS in El Salvador in the 1980s? This article in Newsweek seems to suggest as much.

Ronnie and the criminals in his administration (still the leading administration by a longshot for the number of folks who were sent to jail for a plethora scandals) always said that they knew nothing about who was behind the deathsquads and who these folks were. If Reagan had admitted this in the middle 1980s it's not too crazy to suggest this might've led to Reagan's impeachment (although probably not his conviction by the Senate).

Were we behind the deathsquads in El Salvador? Did we train them? Did we coordinate them?

Kevin, certainly don't pay any attention to the idiotic stuff Insty's prattling on about. Of course the Iran-Contra scandal grew out of the mess in El Salvador. As usual, Glenn's just trying to obfuscate and distract you from the potentially bigger issue here.

Have we just discovered that St. Ron was an even bigger monster than we all thought?

Now that my friends is a newsflash, isn't it?

If anyone out there has anything they can pass on my way about these questions, feel free to do so.

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