Monday, January 03, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

Man, in early December I was full of energy and plans. Then Craze Mass started to suck up mindshare, and suddenly I was helpless as a puppy and could hardly do anything. Tried to escape to Europe, and discovered I'd done things like not bring European plugs ("Oh, I'll just buy them over there") and screw up my Ethernet configuration files... Not that that mattered a whole hell of a lot anyhow, since the German telephone and post monopoly had not managed to get DSL installed in the apartment where I was staying with my friends...

All going to explain why I've been a good deal less Lambert-esque than usual....

Fortunately, the solstice has come and gone, and as the days lengthen, I feel or at least hope that my energy level and creativity will increase. After all, there is:

1. A reform DNC chair to put in place, as opposed to some loser

2. Social Security to save

3. Alberto Gonzales to bloody, if we can't defeat him

4. Supreme Court nominations

and last but not least

5. The LRWM to disintermediate and gut.

Quite the program, eh? And I'm sure we can add to it.

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