Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Durable Majority VS Enduring Values 

Let Ken Melhman eat his durable majority, we have our enduring values to keep us warm.

Hey, who says we can't frame?

Enduring values ought to be the ones that unite all Americans, that survive beyond partisanship. Remember how pundits always used to, and still do, come to think of it, sneer at Democrats for their coalition politics, their need to service interest groups instead of having a coherent political philosophy. But isn't that exactly what Ken Melhman is talking about doing? Isn't that exactly what Republicans have been doing, and isn't that why Republicans have become the partisan dividers, rather than the enduring uniters based on common values. And before any liberal lets any of the Bushites get away with saying that their values are the common ones, three million votes out of three hundre million cast is a slim majority, it gives you the right to govern, but it doesn't redefine the American heritage.

Gentle readers, think on this subject, as will I; any further thoughts you might have will be welcome.

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