Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Doing More Stupid Things Faster 

Well, the inaugural speech is over and the right-wing reviewers have spoken:

Peggy Noonan, a former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, found the oratory “somewhere between dreamy and disturbing.” “This world is not heaven,” noted Noonan. “It’s earth.”

Patrick Buchanan, the former right-wing presidential candidate, said Bush had asserted a right “to intervene in the internal affairs of every nation on earth and that is, quite simply, a recipe for endless war. And war is the death of republics.”

But don’t worry. The spinmeisters are on top of things.

Startled by reaction to what one well-known Republican described as the president’s “God-drenched” speech, the White House has discouraged speculation that Bush is embarking on a crusade to spread democracy around the globe.

In a series of briefings, officials spoke of an acceleration of existing strategy and portrayed the speech as a “rhetorical institutionalisation” of the anti-terrorist policies the administration has been pursuing in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Attribution—Times of London

What, pray tell, is “an acceleration of existing strategy” if not “more bad wars faster”? Or “alienating allies at breakneck pace”? I’m also confused as to how one goes about institutionalizing rhetoric. But, whatever. I smell an ’06 disaster for the GOP, myself. The sick nature of this administration is going to slowly, then quickly, become obvious to those who’ve been duped. GOPers will be leaving the tent quicker than DeLay can trap ‘em inside with the malathion.

And in completely related news, our local party chair elections have been scheduled for March 3rd. One of our most outspoken locals has begun a group we’re calling “Democrats Making Change” outside of the official party structure and is running for the post. We're meeting weekly at a local cafe. It's a start. Another local has already elected a left-wing party chair, young, well-spoken and very active. Onward to ’06, when we’ll mop the floor with deflated neocons and take back the congress of the people. Arrrghhhh...

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