Sunday, January 30, 2005

Crap Carping 

Who knows what the actual election looked like, who voted, and how the ballots were cast? Nobody. There were no observers, no credible news reports, and only “reports” from “officials.” See the latest issue of the Atlantic for how news is gathered on the ground there. I don’t have teevee, but I came damn close to drowning my last radio this morning when I heard these whores gushing about “historic moments” and “officials said.” Clueless bunch of twittering parrots huddled in a hotel, or otherwise “embedded.”

Prediction: No matter who was (s)elected today, there will be no buy-in from a large portion of the Sunnis and Kurds. A long civil war, fought mostly by Americans in a defensive position, defending whatever “government” emerges, all the while trying desperately to “Vietnamize”—er, I mean “iWaqize”—the responsibility for defending this “government.” And don’t think the Iranians are going to refrain from helping the Shiites consolidate power as much as possible. That means…another outpost of tyranny to invade?

I am not a happy person today. I think a drink is in order. Who's buying? Tom, any further historical paralells? The elections of 1923?

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