Sunday, January 16, 2005

Clarence Thomas a theocrat? 

Boy, the Birmingham News sure knows how to bury a lede. Three grafs down:

0Newly elected Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom] Parker said Thomas told him a judge should be evaluated by whether he faithfully upholds his oath to God, not to the people, to the state or to the Constitution.
(via Birmingham News via Atrios via Ignatz)

Interesting, eh? Especially in light of today's trial balloon in WaPo:

Will President Bush actually have the guts to nominate Clarence Thomas for chief justice when that opportunity arises, which will probably be soon? You know he's just aching to do it. Because of their shared judicial philosophy, of course. But also because of that arrogant willfulness Bush has that a more generous person than myself might even call integrity. Heck, why be president if you can't rub your critics' noses in it?
(Michael Kinsley in WaPo)

I like the identification of bullying with integrity. But then, Bush did come to Washington promising to change the climate, right?

Anyhow, Clarence Thomas for Chief Justice? Lovely.

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