Monday, January 31, 2005

"The Carnival of Bad History" 

John McKay of archy has a new website up and running called The Carnival of Bad History:

It's called The Carnival of Bad History and, yes, it's yet another blogging carnival. This one is dedicated to snotty dismemberments of bad history wherever it appears, in movies, fantasy novels, or speeches by our new Secretary of State. You're all invited to contribute, and, even if you don't, I hope you drop by and check it out.

So, if you have written a post which dissects, or corrects, or disinfects, some historical monstrosity or another and would like it included with a link back to your own original posting, well, nowz your chance to run off and join The Carnival.

For instance: I am not, despite what some of you may have been led to believe, Charles Algernon Swinburne. Swinburne, tragically, was eaten alive by a wild boar while picking golden pears in his backyard in Atlanta in 1971. Or maybe they were apples? Or maybe he was passed out drunk in a lawn chair? Hmmm, yes, well, anyway... if you would like to straighten out any recent historical misconceptions that have been eatin' at ya this is your chance to go to it.
Who can contribute? All you need is your own weblog or website and an opinion. You don't need to be a professional historian and you don't need to write mostly about history. If you write only one post on bad history in you entire life, send it to us. The only requirement is that it be an original piece of your writing (not a copy of someone else's article and not link-and-comment) and posted in the last month. Send the link to the post and a short summary to this month's host or to us (we'll forward it).

Additional submission guidelines/info are available via badhistory.blogspot.com. Or visit the links noted above.


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