Thursday, January 20, 2005

But what about the mass graves?! 

Oh, wait:

Sgt. Kevin Benderman notified his commanders Dec. 28 that he was seeking a discharge as a conscientious objector. He then refused orders to deploy with his unit Jan. 8 while the Army processed his objector claim.

Though he never fired a gun in combat, Benderman says the misery he saw firsthand - including a badly burned young girl and mass graves filled with men, women and children - led him to seek objector status.

Army investigators must now decide whether to prosecute Benderman in a court-martial or allow his case to be handled administratively, said Lt. Col. Robert Whetstone, a Fort Stewart spokesman.
(via AP)

And where one does it, you can bet there are many more thinking about it.

Hey, freedom's untidy!

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