Friday, January 07, 2005

Bush comes out against voter intimidation! 

What courage! Oh, wait, it's in Iraq:

"[BUSH]And it's exciting times for the Iraqi people. And it's so exciting there are some who are trying to intimidate people from going to the polls."
(via WaPo)

"Exciting..." I love it.

I don't even know what to say about the war anymore, it's so obviously hosed. Read the latest in The Atlantic, Especially William Langewiesche on real life in Baghdad today.

My gut take, FWIW, is that Iraq really will disintegrate, into the Shiite south, the Kurdish north (which already Israel is working toward, back), and the Sunni "heartland."

Maybe that would have been the right thing all along, since Iraq is really just a motley collection of provinces sintered together by the British Foreign Office on a bad day (back)
... But the real question is whether such an outcome would be in the interests of the US or not. It's hard to see how.

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