Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blogs as a Local Organizing Tool? 

Local Dems, lefties and assorted progressives—scattered over five huge counties with mountains and deserts and with organizing headaches as a result—had a “D’oh!” moment today and thought “Why not start a blog just to keep us all in touch and organized?” Some folks want ways to get involved and remain anonymous—which I respect—and they could do this too on a blog.

Someone sent me an email about it and wanted to know the ins and outs but I know shit from shinola about this stuff, really, and with dialup my main means of access and all the time on the road I don’t think I could do it, anyway. Some of the other folks who write with me have better access to broadband and a lot more tech savvy.

But is there anybody already doing this locally as an organizing tool? If so, is it working? Any advice I can send to my co-conspirators and cellmates about giving this a try?

As scattered as we are, I think it’ll a hell of a lot more efficient than house parties and meetings, if less fun. And it might even let us organize better house parties and meetings, for that matter. It’d sure beat the shit out of phone trees for local GOTV. Any ideas, friends?

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