Sunday, January 09, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different 

Or maybe not. We all Fight The Power in our own way after all.

(via Chicago Trib)

MUSCATINE, IOWA -- A Wal-Mart greeter was sacked for apparently showing too much of his friendly side to customers.

Dean Wooten, 65, was accused of greeting customers with a computer-generated photo in which he appeared to be naked--except for a carefully placed Wal-Mart bag--and of telling them that Wal-Mart was cutting costs and the sack was the company's new uniform.

A supervisor at the Muscatine store where Wooten had worked for seven years told him to stop after customers complained. He was fired five days later, in September, after he displayed the photo again.

Wooten's application for unemployment compensation was rejected by an administrative law judge, who said "a reasonable person would know the act of showing a naked body wearing a Wal-Mart sack would not be good for the employer's business."
Heh heh heh. Let us raise our Sunday evening toast to Mr. Wooten, in hopes that, having pretty well washed up on his day job, he gets a nice raise at the comedy club in Iowa City where he clearly deserves to be a star.

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