Friday, December 10, 2004

White House punks 

The Amazin' Froomkin quotes a relentlessly on-message Inerrant Boy on Social Security:

[BUSH] "Therefore, the question is, does this country have the will to address the problem. I think it must. I think we have a responsibility to solve problems before they become acute. . . . [W]e must be willing to address this problem. . . . [T]he time is ready for us to solve this problem. . . . I think what's really important in the discussions is to understand the size of the problem. . . . What's important, Steve, is before we begin any discussion is to understand the scope of the problem. And that's why these trustees are vital in helping educate the American people, and Congress, as to the size of the problem. And I will not prejudge any solution. I think it's very important for the first step to be a common understanding of the size of the problem. . . . (via WaPo)

Right. "I will not prejudge any solution." [Cough. Gag. Vomit]

The Sex Pistols:

Too many problems oh why am I here
I don't need to be me
'cos you're all too clear
well and I can see
there's something wrong with you
but what do you expect me to do? ...

That's no problem
problems, problems
the problem is you

what you gonna do with your problem
(what you gonna do problem)

Set you thought you had it all worked out
Bet you thought you knew what I was about
Set you thought
you'd solved all your problems
but you are the problem

Oh what you gonna do with your problem I'll
leave it to you problem the problem is you.
You got a problem Oh what you gonna do
they know a doctor gonna fake you away
they take you away and throw away the key
they don't want you and they don't want me
you got a problem the problem is you
problems what you gonna do... (etc.)
problem... (etc.)
(The Sex Pistols, Problems)

If only Inerrant Boy was half the musician Johnny Rotten was....

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