Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Wecovery: Jobs tanking—now they tell us 

More of the same:

Payrolls grew by just 112,000 workers in November, far below the 200,000-job gain many economists had expected.

And, yet again, the economists are surprised that the jobs market sucks! Why not outsource them, not us? And get this:

Also, the government revised significantly downward the job gains for the previous two months.

And of course it's only a coincidence that that one of those months was right before the election, right?

COULD 2005 BE BETTER? Some analysts believe stronger job growth will occur as companies exhaust their ability to squeeze more work out of existing employees and finally begin sustained hiring.
(via AP)

Yeah, a touch of the lash (back) never hurt anyone... Especially a wage slave... In fact, it's Bush's plan!

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