Friday, December 10, 2004


Andrew Buncombe reports that this is the testimony of a former Marine who’s testifying in, yes, Canada, for the refugee status hearing of Jeremy Hinzman:

A former US Marine has claimed that he saw American troops in Iraq routinely kill unarmed civilians, including women and children. He said he had also witnessed troops killing injured Iraqi insurgents.

Jimmy Massey, 33, a staff sergeant who served in Iraq before being honourably discharged after 12 years' service, said he had seen troops shooting civilians at road blocks and in the street. A code of silence, similar to that found in organised crime gangs, prevented troops from speaking about it.

via The Independent

No wonder they love America. Remind me, which religions tolerate this kind of behavior? God is on whose side?

A “code of silence,” eh? Similar to “organised crime gangs,” huh?

Of course—that’s exactly what we’re dealing with in this administration. As the code of silence is broken, watch back for knife insertion. Tenet has a book coming out...

UPDATE: thedarkbackward in comments wonders what the American media is doing with stories like this testimony…

Antonia Zerbisias’ column in the Toronto Star reported recently on what the SCLM is doing with this and similar stories. Here’s a taste:

…here's a positive piece of media news from Iraq: Farnaz Fassihi, the Wall Street Journal reporter whose harrowing private e-mail to friends describing the hazards of Baghdad made international news, is back on the war beat after what many suspected was a month-long suspension. She returns despite vicious criticism from the right that she is too "biased" to work there — just because she felt it was a deadly situation.

But then, what would she know?

She's just there, in very real danger of getting killed. Stateside, she's threatened with being shot down, along with other reporters, just for telling the truth.

And you should read Fassihi’s email. Yeeesh.

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