Wednesday, December 08, 2004

SCLM: A dinosaur with a brain the size of a walnut tries to stomp out the mammals 

Honestly, what is there to say about nonsense like this?

“[The question is] whether blogs are analogous to a sole person campaigning or whether they are very much a media publication, which is essentially akin to an online newspaper,” said [Goldberg, who is the legal counsel to the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

“Ultimately, I think, the decision will have to come down to whether the public will be allowed to decide whether bloggers are credible or whether some regulation needs to occur.”
(via CBS)

Odd. Why wouldn't the public be allowed to decide? Odder still: Why would the industry in which Judith "Kneepads" Miller still has a job imagine that it has an iota of credibility?

But wait! There's more! Now these clowns are going for Atrios!

“The question is: What are the appropriate regulations on the Internet?" asked Kathleen Jamieson, an expert on political communication and dean of the Annenberg School for Communications. “It’s evolved into an area that we need to do more thinking about it.

Funny how nobody raised need to do "more thinking" when Matt Drudge was pimping leakes from the VWRC elves in their plot to overthrow Clinton.

And it's funny, too, how the SCLM just can't seem to get its facts straight:

The author of the popular liberal blog Atrios, Black wrote under a pseudonym.

Just like James Madison writing the Federalist Papers. What's the problem?

All the while, he was a senior fellow at a liberal media watchdog group, Media Matters for America.

"All the while"? Not so, as many of us know from personal knowledge (see Atrios).

“People are pretty smart in assuming that if a blog is making a case on one side that it’s partisan,” Jamieson said. “The problem is when a blog pretends to hold neutrality but is actually partisan.”

Somebody thought Atrios was pretending to be neutral? You could have fooled me!

That is not a legal problem, however, but an ethical one. Black eventually claimed credit for his blog and fellow bloggers heavily publicized his political connections. But he is still blogging.

"Eventually"?? "But he is still blogging?"??? Unbelievable?! All too believable!

And now the sting in the tail of the story:

Beginning next year, the F.E.C. will institute new rules on the restricted uses of the Internet as it relates to political speech.

Does this mean we won't be able to call them whores any more?

Let 'em try.

As always, the Internet will interpret censorship as damage and route around it....

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