Saturday, December 04, 2004

Republicans finally supporting public transportation! 

What a turnabout to see the wingers support something public—besides looting the public purse, of course.

So, there's good news!

[A] bus system will provide free transportation. No cars will be allowed in the city at first ...
(via the once-proudly-mediocre NY Times)

Oh, wait ...

... to prevent car bombs.

It's Fallujah.

Not that every city in the US won't look like Fallujah, after the wingers get through with raining fire from Heaven onto the heads of the ungodly their Fuck-the-Blues policies.

Of course, there's a slower moving front in the same war here in Philly: The Republican legislature is gutting our own much-loved [cough] SEPTA, thereby encouraging their constituents to drive their SUVs into Blue Center City, filling it with deadly fumes, asbestos, rubber particulates, dirty oil, noise, and the odd bloody mess from flattened pedestrians. Can't anyone see that this is not sustainable? What could possibly be the incentive? Oh, of course! Could it be money? The Republicans in the legislature took over the Philadelphia Parking Authority, so now every parking lot in Philadelphia is a cog in the Republican patronage machine. Spreading Santorum indeed. Now it all makes sense. Phew. My faith was shaken there for a minute. Please continue with your Godly activities. Fuckheads.

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