Sunday, December 12, 2004

Pecksniffians suing WalMart 

We used to have ambulance chasers and "frivolous lawsuits"; now we have F-word chasers!

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which promotes itself as a seller of clean music, deceived customers by stocking compact discs by the rock group Evanescence that contain the f-word, a lawsuit claims.

The hit group's latest CD and DVD, "Anywhere But Home," don't carry parental advisory labels alerting potential buyers to the obscenity. If they did, Wal-Mart wouldn't carry them, according to the retailer's policy.

But the lawsuit claims Wal-Mart knew about the explicit lyrics in the song, "Thoughtless," because it censored the word in a free sample available on its Web site and in its stores.
(via AP)

Oh, did I mention there's money in it?

The complaint, filed Thursday in Washington County Circuit Court, seeks an order requiring Wal-Mart to either censor or remove the music from its Maryland stores. It also seeks damages of up to $74,500 for each of the thousands of people who bought the music at Wal-Marts in Maryland.

Of course, part of me takes a grim pleasure in watching the wingers turn on each other; this lawsuit couldn't happen to a nicer small-business-killing downtown-blighting sweatshop-promoting rapacious corporation.

My God, though—$75,000 apiece? Inerrant Boy wants to cap malpractice awards at $250,000.... So, lose the use of an eye or a limb for life because a doctor butchers an operation, you get $250,000; hear the F-word just once—that would be fuck, not fascism—and you get a quarter of that. The Pecksniffians certainly do have a sense of proportion!

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