Sunday, December 05, 2004


A little more "obstruction" and maybe 1260 (and counting) American soldiers and unnumnbered thousands of Iraqis wouldn't be dead.

A little more "obstruction" and maybe the nominee for DHS head would be someone other than a cop who looks good on TV and leaves a trail of fraud and administrative fuckups behind him whereever he goes.

A little more "obstruction" and maybe the man who briefed Bush saying that the executive has the "inherent authority" to set aside the law wouldn't be the nominee to head the "Justice" Department.

A little more "obstruction" and maybe Philly wouldn't be breathing poison from upwind power plants.

A little more "obstruction" and maybe we can save employer-supplied health insurance in 2005.

A little more "obstruction" and we wouldn't have been left with an IOU when generations's worth of payroll taxes were handed to the superrich in the form of tax cuts.

If this be obstruction, let us make the most of it!

NOTE This post is an implicit response to some thoughtful remarks by alert reader hadenough, in comments.

UPDATE Employer-supplied health insurance is better than nothing, eh? Especially if you need it now. Oh, but don't worry! I'm sure the employers will raise your salary enough so that you can get your own insurance, when Bush eliminates the tax structure that supports health insurance today...

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