Friday, December 10, 2004

The misdirection on armor for the troops begins 

Sure, Bush is speeding up production—why only now? Did God come to Him in a dream?—of armored HumVees at the (monopoly) supplier:

The Army entered negotiations with an armor manufacturer Friday in an effort to accelerate production of armored versions of the Humvee to get them to the troops more quickly, Army and company officials said.

Why only now? Why did it take a reporter and a soldier working together, and pressure from the Democrats, to get this done?

Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey spoke with officials at Armor Holdings, Inc., based in Jacksonville, Fla., who told him Friday they could increase production by up to 100 vehicles a month.

How odd. Didn't they know this before? I mean, they have time to make Bush a fancy new uniform with a special embroidered patch for a photo-op, and they don't have time to armor the troops? I don't get it.

Army officials had previously believed the factory was working at capacity until the company told the news media Thursday that it could make more.
(via AP)

Again, how odd. Thank heavens for a free press, eh? At least in Chattanooga.

Meanwhile, of course, alert reader Bryan (back) has already pointed out the misdirection. The Army is talking about a bad program for HumVees, because they have no program for trucks.

And specialist Wilson's question to Rummy was specifically about trucks (back).

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