Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Truth Will Make You Flee 

Being right has never been a guaranteed route to popularity, but They really seem out to get this guy. Three cheers to Ball State University for standing up to some Thug pressure to get this guy a speaking fee:

(via Muncie IN Star-Press)
MUNCIE - Three years after publication of his book Fast Food Nation, freelance journalist Eric Schlosser remains fearful that McDonald's is going to sue him any day.

And that's not all he's afraid of.

On Thursday afternoon, Schlosser was escorted by linebacker-sized Ball State University police Cpl. Alvin Tank, armed with a 9-mm semi-automatic handgun, into a classroom at Pittenger Student Center for a question-answer session with six students. An officer accompanied the author everywhere he went on campus.

"It's kind of embarrassing that I have to have security," Schlosser told The Star Press. "To me, it's a symptom of what's wrong with this country at the moment. My book has inspired some people to call me a socialist or communist or un-American. We had a Civil War in this country, and when you look at how other countries fly apart, it's because people start being called traitors, un-American, and demonizing one another. That's very, very dangerous."
Read the rest, it's not real long. Look at some of the stunts pulled to keep him from speaking. This is not some random Rand-reading college students getting their uber-individualized kicks, there's some money behind this.

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