Thursday, November 18, 2004

Straight down the yellow stripe in the middle of the road 

But Patrick Leahy? From Vermont?? He must actually believe it's possible to do business with the Republicans—or he believes what he's saying. Either way, it's frightening:

"[Senator] Leahy quickly added he didn't consider Gonzales to be a right-wing barbarian and said it was smart for the president not to choose a nominee that would have alarmed Democrats.

" 'Judge Gonzales is no Attila the Hun; he's far from that, and he's a more uniting figure,' Leahy said. 'The president could have picked a polarizing figure; he did not. I applaud him for that.'
(via WaPo)

"Please, sir, I want some more."

A uniting figure? The man who wrote the memos justifying Bush's policy of torture? The man who wrote the memo that said Bush has the "inherent authority" to set aside the law—in secret? Gonzales is, indeed, no Attilla the Hun, since Attilla was no professional. Albert Speer, perhaps?

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