Saturday, November 20, 2004

I Blame Dick Cheney Myself 

(via Copley News Service)

The Army is reportedly investigating allegations that members of a Springfield National Guard unit shipped contraband back to the United States from Iraq and attempted to sell some of the items on eBay, a popular online auction site.

[snip 90% of story]
Some members of the media were scrutinized in April and May 2003, when they returned with war souvenirs taken from unprotected sites in Iraq.
Hmm, somehow no mention of Dear Leader's "souvenir" of Sadaam's favorite pistol. Or Daring Donny Rumsfeld's "souvenir" crystal globe from the ruins of the World Trade Center. But a bunch of Illinois National Guardsmen are under investigation for trying to help the economy on eBay.

I sure don't understand why one is Just Peachy and the other is a potentially criminal offense. I must be afflicted with that "moral confusion" that comes with being a Democrat.

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