Saturday, November 20, 2004

Goodnight, moon 

And just think! The Republicans haven't even started to privatize Social Security, fuck the Blue States by eliminating the deduction for state and local taxes, or fuck working people everywhere by eliminating the tax break for employer-supplied health insurance! Not to mention invading Iran.

Look! Over there! A tit!

UPDATE I wrote those words... And a picture came into my mind... Poster-sized... A humongous tit, about the size of Mount Rushmore, menacing a tiny male human we know must be a Christian, perhaps even a Pastor, from his pious expression, his only-just-visible repressed hysteria, and the large SUV parked in the background.... With one hand, the tiny Christian is warding off the giant tit by holding up a cross.. With the other, he covers the eyes of two overly winsome little children -- they look kinda like Dick and Jane.... Well, one more Saturday Night, eh?

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