Thursday, November 18, 2004

Goodnight, moon 

girly mandate is propagating.

Try for yourself—it's number one!

Of course, there aren't that many hits... But if maybe if we all pray hard enough....

NOTE Bush mandate is still going strong. I hope lots and lots of wingers are "feeling lucky." And the new cover gives a whole new, um, dimension to the phrase "budget package," doesn't it....

UPDATE Ezra at Pandagon writes:

Most all political magazine writing happens in DC (save Mother Jones in San Francisco and The Nation in New York), and that shared perspective tamps down on distinct voices and eccentric viewpoints. Some of the most dead-on and worthwhile pundits of the past few years (Ivins, Hightower, Frank, Moore) have emerged and found themselves necessary precisely because their vantage point is so far from the DC norm. Meanwhile, the political media in DC used their influence to demand the sort of campaigns that'd appeal to them and their idea of America, and, despite the Kerry campaign making a pretty good effort to do as they were told, woke up on November 3rd and began telling the Kerry campaign that they'd failed to connect with the heartland.

Well, not to turn into a marketing weasel or anything, but I'd like to believe that this kind of "distinct voice" "far from the DC norm" is exactly the kind of writing we do at Corrente. Enjoy DC, Ezra...And be sure to bring your big, big hipboots!

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