Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Goodnight, moon 

Lots of interesting ideas about connecting in the last day or two. I like RDF's idea about musical house parties. Believe it or not, people used to make their own music in this country. They could sing and play instruments and everything. Now, of course, we have corporations who do that for us.

And Xan's idea of joining the NRA is brilliant. I make this statement totally without irony. Join it, subvert it... And heck, is the skillset they have on offer such a bad thing to have?

And I think a healthy (i.e., a non-corporate) relation between city and country is key. Buying food at farmers' markets is one thing I do. It's a small step—all farms can't grow arugala or organic vegetables or whatever—but it's a real step. There are probably others....

It's also—while thinking of non red/blue ways to classify the country, like city/country—amazing how blue the blue states are. Blue as in blue water, that is. The Atlantic and Pacific coasts are blue. The Great Lakes (including, as some do, Lake Champlain) are blue. And the Ohio and the Mississippi are battlegrounds. Seems like taking care of our waters makes the blue citadels stronger—but also benefits the country as a whole, since clean water helps everyone.

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