Saturday, November 27, 2004

Feeling Safer Yet? Pt. II 

(via NYT)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 - Two more senior officials of the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine service are stepping down, intelligence officials said Wednesday, in the latest sign of upheaval in the agency under its new chief, Porter J. Goss.

As the chiefs of the Europe and Far East divisions, the two officials have headed spying operations in some of the most important regions of the world and were among a group known as the barons in the highest level of clandestine service, the Directorate of Operations.

A former intelligence official described the two as "very senior guys" who were stepping down because they did not feel comfortable with new management.

A backdrop to the tensions have been accusations from some Republicans that the agency sought over the summer to undermine Mr. Bush's re-election. [Sen. John McCain [R-BS], in suggesting that the agency had been disloyal, has singled out the disclosure of intelligence reports about Iraq whose conclusions were at odds with administration assertions about the war.

Still, the memorandum that Mr. Goss issued last week advised his employees that the agency's job was to "support the administration and its policies" and to do nothing to associate themselves with opposition to the administration.
Hmm, why don't they just put a notice at the bottom of their help-wanted ads reading "Members of the so-called "Reality-Based Community" need not apply?"

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