Sunday, November 28, 2004

Damn Those Radical Girl Scouts 

An answer for which there just is no question:

(via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Trisha Conlin doesn't hesitate to call herself "the mouth of the South" when it comes to telling people about American Heritage Girls. However, she also says the organization pretty much sells itself.

AHG was begun in 1995 by a group of parents unhappy with changes being made in the Girl Scouts of America. AHG national director Patti Garibay had been a Girl Scout leader for 13 years and became concerned in 1993 when the organization changed the Girl Scout promise to make God optional in the oath.

Aside from not requiring a belief in God, the organization also refused to take a stand on the issue of alternative lifestyles. These were strong concerns for some Christians in the organization.

"The final straw as a Christian and as a [Girl Scout] leader was when I was told that my troop couldn't sing Christmas carols," Garibay said. "If I can't share my Christian witness any longer in the Girl Scouts, what good was I doing?"
Well, duh! If a bunch of silly rules about "acceptance" means you can't explain to a growing girl that God makes lesbians just so He can send them to Hell, what's the point of much of anything? It all comes of allowing that "free thinking" shit, dag nabbit. Next thing you know some girl will be thinking she's the next Thomas Jefferson or something, we can't have that.

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