Thursday, October 14, 2004


Go look. Vanessa Kerry did. Shock and awe!

So what the heck is Bush stuffing socks behind his back for? Penile Migration Syndrome? No, that's not it. The bulge is horizontal. OK, Horizontal Penile Migration Syndrome. Wait, it's a square bulge.

Rectilinear Horizontal Penile Migration Syndrome... I like it!

At last, Bush has what He's been seeking all his life: A diagnosis!

UPDATE Alert reader ruckulator may have the answer: Is the bulge wearable defibrillator? Say, didn't Bush blow off another medical exam a week ago. Why, yes, he did. I wonder why?

UPDATE Then of course there's the deeply paranoid notion that while we're waiting for the October Surprise, this is the October surprise. The Kossacks discovered—from a lip reader—that Bush asked to meet with Kerry after the debate. WFT? Um, bring on McCain, anyone? With 18 days to go?

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