Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Republican looting: Charter school folds, after taking $100 million of your money 

Not that this little episode will stop the ideologically driven Republicans from continuing to destroy public education, along with every other aspect of the social compact (back).

Nearly 10,000 California students must look for new schools after the state's largest charter school closed amid a government audit of its operations.

Charter schools are public schools that are freed from many restrictions in the hopes that having more flexibility will improve student achievement.

The academy, headquartered in Victorville, had sites across the state, from San Diego to Gridley in northern California.

But it drew the attention of state and local officials who questioned the organization's finances, among other things. Also under scrutiny is C. Steven Cox's dual role as CEO of the academy and CEO of a private firm that managed the schools.

Investigations by The Associated Press into California Charter Academy over the last two years have detailed the school's questionable enrollment records, its practice of having small school districts oversee dozens of remote campuses, and its use of the private management firm to avoid disclosing school executives' salaries and other expenses.

In March, Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell launched an audit of the schools. On Monday, he expanded the probe to include an authority created by Cox to buy health insurance for school employees.

Larson said the authority didn't pay its June and July premiums, leaving teachers and staff without health benefits.

The California Charter Academy received more than $100 million in state money since 1999 to educate students.
(via AP)

Oops! After lying, looting is what the Republicans do best!

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