Friday, August 13, 2004

Can't Kerry figure out how to get his campaign to stay on message? 

What Atrios said:

The Kerry campaign is running an excellent air campaign but they're not focused enough on the ground war.

Basically, the campaign needs more and better surrogates....

You need people who do nothing but immerse themselves in the world of right wing media. ...

I don't know how they organize who is on deck for media appearances, but they just have to be better prepared. ...

Quality comprehensive media training exists. Have a stable of professional coaches around to help people.

Sure, the media deck is stacked, but there's no use whining about it now. Every single issue needs to be distilled down to one sentence. Every single right wing charge needs to have a bullet-point rebuttal and countercharge, at everyone's fingertips - at least everyone who's going to go in front of the cameras.
(via the essential Atrios)

Of course, the $300 million the VWRC spent buying your discourse (back) can't be countered overnight.

But Kerry could do a lot better than he's doing. And if, if, IF Kerry wins, he's going to need an apparatus like Atrios suggests even more than he does now.

I mean, if there is an election, and Kerry wins it, and then is allowed to take office, does anyone seriously imagine that the Republicans will accept his legitimacy and allow him to play his Constitutional role as President? Of course they won't, any more than they did with Clinton. It's going to be another campaign in the war for the soul of the Union we're already in now.

NOTE Why on earth doesn't the Kerry campaign read The Howler? And if you haven't, you should. It's the detail that convinces.... And the incomparable archives.

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