Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Wecovery: Hope you weren't planning on OT to pay the bills 

Because Bush is planning to gut OT protection:

The Economic Policy Institute's report estimated that among those who would lose overtime protection were nearly 2 million administrative workers who can be classified as "team leaders" and 920,000 workers who can be reclassified as a "learned professional" even though they do not have college degrees.

The EPI study also said 1.4 million workers who, because of the rules changes, can be reclassified as executives will lose overtime pay, as will an estimated 130,000 chefs and cooks, 160,000 financial service workers and 117,000 teachers and computer programmers.
(via AP)

"Learned professionals" but without a degree. Remind you of anything? Like "ketchup is a vegetable"?

Of course, the Republicans really think they've got a winner on their hands with this one—somuch so that they won't take it up 'til after the Democratic convention.

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