Thursday, July 15, 2004

Time For Our 2-Minute Cheney Love! 

Proving once again how much more attention things get once they are printed in the New York Times, the "Should Bush dump Cheney from the ticket?" talk is bubbling up again like residue from New Jersey landfills after their recent flood problems.

We must counter this, Correntians! Cheney is our friend. As Bush flounders and flails in the swirling waters of rising electoral loathing, Cheney is the anvil we throw to his rescue.

Warm up with a couple of giggles:

(via Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
On C-SPAN [in an interview to be broadcast Sunday], Cheney was asked if he could envision any circumstances in which he would step aside. ``Well, no, I can't. If I thought that were appropriate, I certainly would. But he's made it very clear that he wants me to run again. The way I got here in the first place was that he persuaded me four years ago that I was the man he wanted in that post, not just as a candidate, but as somebody to be part of the governing team. He's been very clear he doesn't want to break up the team.''
Of course we remember the real story on this, right? Not that we would want to make fun of an old, sick man with a history of circulatory problems of the sort that often lead to cognitive dysfunction and memory loss.

At any rate, JFK did his part for the Cheney Love! cause this morning:
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said today that if Bush replaces Cheney, it will be the latest in a string of broken promises.

``It will mean that the president's word once again doesn't mean anything, that he himself is the flip-flopper of all flip-floppers because he's been touting how important Dick Cheney is,'' Kerry told broadcaster Don Imus. ``The fact is that George Bush would be declaring an act of desperation, a sudden move that goes contrary to everything he's said.''
While this almost guarantees Cheney will tell Bush that he (Bush) has decided to keep him (Cheney) on the ticket, we must still do our part. I offer this as a starter until MJS gets here with better lyrics and, hopefully, a pitch pipe:

We love you Cheney-poo, we doooo!
We don't love anyone, as much as yooooo!
When you're not near us, we're bluuuuuu!
Mis-Ter Vice-Fuck-Yourself, we luuuuuv yoooooo!

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