Monday, July 12, 2004

How the Chimps Stole the Election! 

A long-overdue front page appearance for MJS, Poet Laureate of Regime Change in America:

(via back here in comments from "Naw, They'd Never Do THAT!")
How the Chimps Stole the Election!

Every Blue down in Blueville
Liked elections, somewhat
But the Chimps who lived rightward of Blueville

The chimps hated elections
The whole voting season
We all know why this is:
voters might use their reason!


If the good residents of Whoville could not be deterred from celebrating a traditional holiday--though a great injustice had been done to them--what are we to tell our children: that Democracy turns tail and runs when attacked, that free elections cower and hide?

Is that what we'll tell little Cindy Lou Who, who was not more than two?

MEDDLING EDITOR'S NOTE: I took the liberty of fiddling with the scansion in Lines 3 and 7. Purists and compilers of Collected Works of MJS should click the link above, or scroll down about 2 posts to comments and get the original.

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