Friday, July 23, 2004

Goodnight, moon 

Maybe this weekend I'll go see "The Corporation." Since I've been deep in the bowels of one for six months, now, maybe it's time I figured out what was going on...

Really great political scandals develop their own splendid vocabulary. Nixon gave us the "-gate" locution, for example. So it's a very good sign that the ongoing saga of Bush's mysteriously incomplete military records is developing its own, weirdly deadpan, style. Why, just in the last two weeks we've had "inadvertantly destroyed," and today "unlabeled binder." And who can forget that hardy perennial, aWol? Great metaphors, all of them, catchy, and OpEd ready.

And funny, we haven't heard from Jenna in the last few days. I wonder why? Has she been muzzled?

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