Tuesday, June 29, 2004

What Sharp Teeth You Have, Grandma Gillespie 

So the chairman of the RNC is worried about preserving voters' rights, and the honesty of elections. Wonderful, we say! What a saint!

Yeah right. When a Bushkevite says he wants to do something "in the public good," remember that's the same thing you told your tomcat before the operation.

(via Kansas City Star (scroll down aways, both stories are on today's page)

The chairman of the Republican National Committee on Monday called for a bipartisan effort to safeguard polling locations in Missouri and other presidential battleground states against voter fraud.

Gillespie ...outlined a “transparent bipartisan solution” that would involve listing, with Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, precincts in presidential battleground states where problems might surface.

But a group helping Democrat John Kerry's campaign called the proposal as a “very cynical attempt” to suppress black voter turnout in the state by undermining groups that are working to increase black registration.

While visiting Kansas City, Republican Party Chairman Ed Gillespie cited allegations that groups such as America Coming Together were turning in inaccurate voter registration forms and using convicted felons to go door to door. A spokeswoman for the group called both accusations insignificant.
What Gillespie is boo-hooing about is a GOTV program that gave work to a small number of people just out of prison, who, in case he hasn't noticed, often have problems finding honest jobs. Given who he works for, perhaps he should have more empathy for those in this situation.

At any rate, looking down the page, we see a completely separate story which gives us the REAL reason why Grandma was over at Little Red Riding Hood's house that day:
Monday, Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie met with more than 300 GOP Catholic "team leaders" in nearby St. Charles and in Kansas City. He said the Republican Party has enlisted 75,000 Catholic "team leaders" to seek out more Catholic support for Bush.

Monday was the launch of the Republican Party's Catholic Outreach Week, one of several it's holding throughout the year, Gillespie said.

In St. Charles, Gillespie cited Bush's opposition to most abortions and to gay marriage. Kerry supports abortion rights, opposes gay marriage but supports civil unions.

"We are working to build a culture that respects life, where family and faith are the cornerstones of our civil society," Gillespie said.
Wadda chutzpenik. (My new Word for the Day. I recommend it for those with higher standards of language, or at least better taste in vulgarities, than the Vice President displays.)

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