Saturday, June 12, 2004

Voices from the Mountains 

Blogging from Appalachia. Since I grew up for a good deal of my cranky and disheveled existence in erin's neck of the regional wood I'm more 'en happy to point you here: BlueGrassRoots

BGR is a group blog with an emphasis on national/international issues as well as issues (labor/politics/history...), relevant to Kentucky and neighboring locales.

Friday, June 11 - Politics: Getting Out the Labor Vote in Depressed Battleground States
Hundreds of thousands of jobless Ohioans, West Virginians, and Pennsylvanians may call on Bush to put his mouth where his money is this fall. ~ erin

And where else can you help pass...
...a constitutional amendment officially renaming all Americans "Ronald Reagan."

Eh? So, visit Kentucky, and liberals in "Red States" (who are tougher because they gotta be), and women who can play fiddles and know a lot of Hazel Dickens songs...

Oh listen and you'll hear, theres changes in the air and a rumbling underground - we're marching hand in hand voices joined to take a stand and we'll sing the whole world round. We've come to plant the seeds of human rights and dignity and we won't be turned aside. And with Spring comining in with an Appalachian wind we are destined to arrive. ~ The Reel World String Band / Bios

Ok, thats it for me. I gotta go to the post office.


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