Friday, June 11, 2004

Reagan hagiography claims its first victim 

Gee, sounds a lot like this guy was fired because he wasn't "politically correct," doesn't it:

A college disc jockey who put on a radio show celebrating Ronald Reagan's death was fired Friday from his position as the station's business manager.

Scott Hornyak, a 28-year-old undergraduate student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, had been suspended indefinitely from his disc jockey job at KSUA-FM after the Sunday show.

"They're firing me because of what I said, and the public's reaction to what I said," said Hornyak, who goes by the call name "Spider Bui."

H.B. Telling, the station's general manager, said he could not comment on whether Hornyak lost his job because of the broadcast. The university has a policy against discussing personnel issues.

No tape of the show was available. But according to Hornyak, he berated Reagan, who died June 5, for his foreign policy in Latin America, Iraq and Afghanistan, and for his response to the AIDS epidemic.
(via AP)

And it sounds to me like this guy got fired for speaking nothing more than the truth. Of course, in Bush's America, that's the ultimate transgression.

Here's the contact information for KSUA. Feel free to share your views on whether it's OK to tell the truth about Reagan with them; in a nice way, of course:

PO Box 750113 • Fairbanks, AK 99775
PH: 907.474.7054 • FX: 907.474-6314
FM: fyksua@uaf.edu • TV: fytv21@uaf.edu

Hey, they've already got a want ad up for a new DJ. They want someone who can "push all the right buttons." Emphasis on right, eh?

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