Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Q: Why is there butter on his pants? 

White House officials would like you to know that the worst is over and President Bush is on a roll.
(via Froomkin in WaPo)

A: Because he's on a roll...

[Rim shot. Laughter]. Anyhow, Froomkin's on fire today. Here's a good one:

I asked readers last week to e-mail me questions that they had sent to "E-mail the White House" -- but not gotten an answer to.

Here's a couple. Keep 'em coming.

"Since the war in Iraq is deemed to be vital to the war on terror and in our national interest, why aren't the President's daughters serving in the armed forces and on active duty in Iraq? For that matter are children of any member of the president's staff on duty in Iraq?" (Jose Rodriguez, Massachusetts)

"You advocated tax cuts in order to create jobs. In 2003 you and Vice President Cheney together earned more money in 2003 than you did in 2002. However, due mainly to the tax cuts, you paid $129,276 less in federal taxes in 2003 than you did in 2002. How did putting an extra $129,276 in your pockets help U.S. employment? Did you use the windfall to hire anyone? Or maybe, it's as the White House Web site describes, tax cuts are to increase 'consumer spending . . . to boost the economic recovery and create jobs.' So what did you and Cheney buy with the money? Did you buy something that was made in the USA or China?" (Ray Lassing, Grass Valley, Calif.)


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