Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Plame Affair: Funny how trial lawyers have their uses, isn't it? 

Bush gets himself lawyered up:

President Bush has consulted an outside lawyer about possibly representing him in the grand jury investigation of who leaked the name of a covert CIA operative last year, White House officials said Wednesday night.
(via NY Times)

Look, this is purely a precautionary measure. Something any honest citizen would do.

Funny how big the Plame Affair—Imagine! A WhiteWash House felon—seemed when the story broke, and how small it seems now, after the Abu Ghraib photos, the shredding of treaties like the Geneva Convention, the unconstitutional diversion of $700,000,000 from Afghanistan to Iraq.... Still, just like Al Capone was brought down for tax evasion, maybe it's one of the little slip-ups that will bring Bush dowm

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