Friday, June 11, 2004

I Got My Mouse Set On You 

According to a post over at dKos some talented but tastleless winger is playing little games with the algorithms over at the Biggest Search Engine Named After A Very Large Number.

If you go looking for information about the Democratic National Convention via this search engine, somebody has done what's known as a "g**glebomb" which takes you to a very, very fake "official convention" page.

The way Gargle works, it ranks pages on similar topics by how many links from OTHER sites go to that page. Most times this works and the cream rises to the top. However, there are other biological products that float as well, and this fake site is one of them.

Rumor in the comment thread over there is that Guppie has a system to weed out links that appear within so many words of the word "G00gle," which is why all the creative misspellings here.

So accept no substitutions. Go click on the REAL DNC Convention Page. Heck, bookmark the thing and hit it every time you are bored. Spread the word. Defuse the bomb.

UPDATE: Mr. Toad in comments very kindly noted that the dKos link was bad. I *think* it's fixed now but if not, the Gugglebomb post is still near the top so a visit to the dKos main page should do well enough.

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