Saturday, June 05, 2004

Help Pick Sean Hannity's Lie Berries! 

Sean Hannity would like you to help him reap the bounty of his fible-fable grove. Pick em, can em, and pass em out to friends, relatives, and strange weirdos loafing around in front of your local RNC recruitment outpost. For more information on this exciting charitable event, and unique farm labor opportunity, see:


Also, and ironically: Steve Young (who has taken the Hannity hay ride "challenge" in the past) , writing over at American Politics Journal detects what is possibly a stumble, or a limp, or even perhaps, a flaccid hobble - Gasp! - in Sean's otherwise precision drilled goose-step routine. Read: Sean Hannity Forced To Be Fair & Balanced... 9/11 Commission's Lehman Makes Hannity An Honest Man

So that's about all the time left in the segment. Every point Sean had argued for the past two months was countered by someone he trusted. And the best part -- the surprise -- Sean never questioned Lehman's veracity. He even (sort of) gave the commission's report his stamp of approval because of Lehman's participation and word.

So, there it is.

Sean Hannity taught us who he really is. And he wasn't afraid to show us he could be wrong, wrong, wrong. For that I've got to give it to the man.

Sad, isn't it? Sean 'Hamburger Helper' Hannity may be losing his delicate "balance". Maybe he has an ear infection or something. In any case, go help Sean harvest the fruits of his vast Right-Wing sow job, and then, while you're at it, reach out a helping hand to steady Sean, and lead him, a debouchment if you will, from the thorny tangle of truths that threaten to poke his right eye out.

Ha ha... just kidding about that last part. It'll be more funner watching him thrash about in his sticky homegrown bramble for an hour or two, as noisy blackbirds swoop down and poop on his head, and amused visitors pelt him with bushels of his own rotten vegetable produce lobbed back at him from a distant stand. Now that will make for some titilating FOXNews agriculture disaster video footage won't it? At least I think so.

In any event, Sean's Lie Berry Patch is open for bid'ness; rarin', ripe, and ready for the pluckin'. So do the neighborly thing and help Sean Hannity make a bigger plucking fool of himself than he already is. Afterall, he asked for it.


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