Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Goodnight, moon 

One more day of Reagan, right? It is just one more day? Tell me it's one more day...

Say, I wonder if we could bring some of those embalming experts over from the former Soviet Union, so they could give Reagan the same kind of wax job they gave Lenin...

Kind of a "Reagan under glass" concept, you know? The glass being necessary to protect even the most well-preserved of corpses from the corrosive effects of winger drool.

Or maybe load the casket onto a humongous refrigerated catafalque and just leave it there in the Rotunda as a permanent exhibit...

Or ship the casket to Inerrant Boy's ranch in Hellmouth, TX, and have the TV guys use it for a backdrop instead of that stupid tractor or bale of hay or whatever they're using this week...

Or maybe just drag the casket on over to the WhiteWash House family quarters and dump it in the middle of the Bush double bed—give Him a new kind of lump to crawl over (or not) on His way to the goat He keeps in the closet...

Endless possibilities, eh?

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